Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Grand Daugther, Alexa on Youtube!

Alexa's introduction to the fridge lock. She is not a happy camper!

                                                                       Isn't she a doll??

Christmas with the Grand Children!

It makes my heart sing to be around my grand Children around Christmas time.

I am a docent and tour guide for an Historic house in Lincoln , RI.

On Sunday Dec. 12th. we had a children's reading of "The Night Before Christmas."

My daughter brought her two oldest to the house to enjoy the festivities and meet Santa.
The children told  Santa what they wanted for Christmas,
and even grandma put in her request too...
What a joyful occasion.
Marry Christmas to all ! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lost Love

I have found my lost love. Many years have gone by and I had to learn to live and try to forget a past love. As time went by the longing for him got worst. But like everything in life you learn to adjust.

After 20 years, I have found my love.
This is Ovette Altamirano, He is my best friend and long lost love.
He is living far away in Demark, living a healthy life on a farm. Lucky for him.
I miss him dearly, but, I know he is well and at peace. I am just glad that we have found each other after so many years.
Memories of my youth with Ovette.
I found some wonderful photos of my adventure with my dear friend and dance partner. It was many years ago.  So it seems. But I remember it well. As I sat and looked at these photos I fell in love with dance all over again.

Ovette and I preformed a lovely dance this night in the Copley Plaza Hotel Ballroom.
He was only 19 years old and I was twenty somthing. We dance to a song called "Forever Young"!
That night I fell in love with Ovette. I do not know if it was because of the emotional words of the song or the passion I felt from the dance. It was spectacular!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mystro and Frank Metal Work Art

This is where Mystro and Frank spend their spear time. They are Artist in the Steal and Metal Yard.
MYDC0058 [800x600]

MYDC0061 [800x600]
Working with metal has been a passion for the both of them for quit some time now. I can say they have mastered the art. You can see many of their works though out the city.


As You can see, they are having fun and hard at work creating a bike rack for the city side walks. It is a project that they have spent many months on.



As you can see, this project is a big success!
Great Job!

The Joy of Family and Friends

This week was a marvel. I meet for the first time my new great grandson, Desmond.
He is just a month old. Here you can see I am in my glory. I spent the day meeting a new member to the family and then reuniting with an old friend from many years ago. I had not see Susu for over 10 years. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pain, pain, go away!

Today, I was (sad to say) in a lot of pain. I hate when I am not 100%. I have been working hard ever since I came off vacation.
The last past 3 days had been a challenge just to stay on my feet. I worked 8-10 hours straight to make up for the work hours I lost.
This morning I was not able to raise without great pains in my back and legs. It was so bad that I wanted to check myself into the health clinic. I really hate hospitals, so I tried to talk myself out of the pain.
I have been suffering from a small case of stiff joints for many years now, so I have learned to deal with it.
I never had back pain before. I've always had the stiffness in my heels, hips and knees. Once I got up and walked around, it began to feel better.
I was told years ago that I had Tendinitis in the heel and Arthritis in the hips and knees. I felt, "I will live"!
But the last couple of days was different. The pain was so bad that it gave me a headache when I stood up. That is not a good sigh.
I laid in bed all morning.

About noon I decided I was not going to let this take control of me. I used my cane and hobbled to the pantry to brew tea. After tea. I dressed , (putting on my corset) that I have not worn in months. My pain in my back went away immediately. I was shocked. I sat up for most of the afternoon , not wanted the pain to come back.I have been experimenting wearing the corset for years now. If you know anything about them, you will know what great help it can be for good posture and back support.
  After wearing it for hours, I began to feel the pain pressure off my back. I did not go to the doctor's and I still do not know what case the pack and head pains, but I am feeling a little better. I will wait until tomorrow to see if the pain gets worse.

I will let you know of the out come. Good night!
Lady Estelle

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Kennedy Home Song

As a child I was raised in the Lt. Jos. P. Kennedy Home for Children. The time I spent there was from the age of 8 until 18( I felt to college then).It was a good time in my life. Remember having lots of fun. We had a Kennedy song that I don't remember singing, but it goes like this:

K-e-n-n-e-d-y, we're from Kennedy,
mighty proud are we--ee to bear the name of Kennedy!
True and loyal to Kennedy, we will always be!
True sons & daughters we are loyal even though,
We roam far from Kennedy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"It's about damn time" :)

So here is my update, I know I know, I was supposed to get this done a long time ago, but my life has been crazy lately and it has been hard to find the time to just sit and write...(uh type :) any hoo...

So for the past 3 months or so I have been working at Papyrus in the Providence Place Mall. I really like my job, it pays ok and my co-workers are nice. John's sister got me the job. She works there during her summer breaks from college. The job is very demanding especially now with the holidays coming up, and I'm still new so I have been a bit stressed but I still love it and want to try harder to stay on the ball.

Things have been good at home. I have been moving around so much my whole life, so the idea of settling in somewhere is a bit strange and I am not used to it yet. Both John and I have been a bit stressed lately with work and school and money and just finding the time to just hang out together, I think we both need a vacation. :) So just like any relationship we have our issues but we are committed to working them out and planning for the future. He is a wonderful man, and we love each other very much.

So about 2 months after school started I had a really bad emotional break down. I had an issue completing my final assignment for orientation and when I realized I wouldn't get it done on time, and I would have to give an oral presentation based on incomplete work, I freaked. The day before the presentation I was so nervous and so disappointed in myself, I cried out side of the building and couldn't stop. Just the thought of going back to class was making me feel physically sick. I was not sleeping and staying up till 3 and sometimes 4 am trying to study just to catch up, but that was making things worse. After that I started to loose my confidence. I held on for a while longer and forced myself through my last few classes, but the stress was too much. I had another breakdown not too long ago (this one much much worse and it was very scary) and decided to get help. I have been doing ok, but all the stress and anxiety is still there under the surface, and to be honest I am not sure I will be able to handle myself if it happens again. I have always know I needed counseling but never had the means to get it. So now I am meeting with a therapist once a week and things are starting to make more sense. Like I said the anxiety and the stress is still there but I am learning to deal with it and work through it rather than trying to ignore it. So as of now I won't be going back to school.I was going to go back in January, but I need to learn to rebuild my confidence and figure out a little more about myself before I take on the responsibility of college. Education is a journey, but for the first time I have the opportunity to explore myself and journey into a better me, and I don't want to miss out on that. The better I am, the better I will do in school.

So that is it for now, I will try to get better at keeping in touch but I will not make any promises, you all have my number if you want to call and I will be sending out holiday cards soon. I love you all and please comment, I could use some positive encouragement right now.

The Way To Happiness! Intro

Happiness: a conditionor state of well being, contentment, pleasure, joyful, cheerful, untroubled exsistence: a reaction to having nice things happen to one.

"Just recently i spent the greatest week of this year, in Boston, with three of the most kind, loving, understanding women.
Aunt Liz, Cuz Krystal ands Niece Jayla took me into there home and showed me the best time. Although I was away from my sweetheart Charly, I felt loved and needed. This small vaction (from work) gave me new insight about 'family: and how much i get to see them,' God: bacause religon is more about faith then upbrining' and Love: which may be tough at times but still all they had to offer. And for this I have decicated my free time and this web space to repay thier Love with this Knowledge/book i have been reading."

True joy and happiness are valuable.
If one does not survive, no joy and no happiness are obtained.
Trying to survive in a crazy, dishonest and generally mean soceity is hard.
Your own happiness can be turned into tradgey and sorrow by the dishonesty and misconduct of others.
Such wrongs reduce one's survival and impairs happiness.
You are important to others and so is you happiness.
While no one can guarantee that anyone else can be happy, thier chances of survival and happiness can be improved.

It is in your power to point the way to a less dangerous and happier life.

Stay tuned and keep reading...*mystro


Posted on April 17, 2010 at 5:28am —By charlene louise bracey

I hate to be the bearer of sad news but someone close to most of the Barada children and my self has passed.Luerenia "louise" bracey passed early yesterday morning.To all that know her thank you for the condolences she was 89 years in peace nana.ill always remember your stories and everything you taught me.Its going to be hard but we are strong and your memory will never be forgotten.

Luerenia Cannon Bracey
October 12 1920- April 16 2010

This is my favorite photo of Charlene , myself and my son, Emmanuel.

Alex's First blog from the Barada Family Network.

 On the 30th of this month,the Barada Family Network will close.
I will be sharing some of the great family blogs, comments and photos from there so we all can keep and enjoy. Here is Alexander, my son's first blog .

Is it a Blog if you don't blog often? I'm not much of a "type to tell person" but wish I was... If I where I would have a much better way to blow off steam. Not that I have a lot to blow off right now, though it would help when I did. Today I have just returned from AT (Annul Training) to an empty home.. Tomorrow is "Fathers Day" My second. Makes me think about my life and where it is going. So many things have changed since I was a brand new dad last year. Not a good or bad thing in some cases, but so many things are the same; sometimes that's bad and not so good at all. "Barada you need to learn to pick your battles" a drill segregant tolled me one day. Sadly, still I have not learned.

The next big thing on my TO DO list is Air Assault School. I am not too confident in myself rite now, but will do my best. I keep telling myself that I cannot come home without this task accomplished. Graduating this school. This is almost the last hara for me... well maybe it's not but I feel like I am running out of steam and fast.

All my live I have seen the ARMY as something I wanted to do. Now I am kicking myself for not doing it when I should Have (at 18). I would have been half way done with my military career. I would have had the body and energy to go to all the cool schools that I doubt I can complete now.

This is the badge hope to earn and where on my chest after I complete this class. In the last week I have been beating myself up by adding 12 extra pounds and running 3.2 mile every other day. I plan to climb a rope in record time, do sit-ups until my gut burns, do push ups until my arms ache. I can not considerate on much else. This is my focus everything else begins to fades in my peripheral vision. I am doing this to prove myself that I can be better than the person I see in the mirror every day. Do I have to prove this to anyone else? Do I really have to even prove this to myself? Easy answers are hard to come by. I have always said if a task is easy to complete than it's most likely not worth the effort.

I hope not to Disappoint anyone , but most of all I hope not to disappoint myself.

A Later Update by Alex:
Well here is an up date. I have been given a Frago (stands for fragmentation Order) The Army's excuse for being indecisive. It was planned for me to go to AIR ASSAULT SCHOOL in August but that got changed. I have to go to another school before that happens. So now I have shifted focus. I really do want to go to this new school, so I am not so mad about it. This school will change my job title. At this point I am a 91-C (utilities and equipment repair technician) this school will change me to a 91-D (generator mechanic) this move will hopefully help me get a promotion faster.(though I am not in a rush..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Relaxing on Oakland Beach!

Take the time out of your hard working day and relax on the beach with me. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a wonderful birthday!

On JUNE 26th,I was given a surprise birthday party at my dear and good friend Thomas Ferguson home.

It was held in his back yard and co hosted my my youngest daughter, Angelina.
I can say they did a great joy of keeping this a secret from me. What a great surprise!! Many of my friends from work, Hearthside House, out of town family and dear close friends I have not seen in a long while were invited.

We had a elegant sit down, 3 course dinner catered by "Akeem The Event Planner".

The table was perfectly set and the service was well done. I was very much impressed.

Being I work in the hotel in banquets, my friend wanted to wow me on this special evening. Well, he did.
This lovely birthday cake tea pot set was made for me, by our hotel baker.
I was truly impressed. It was so well done that no one want to cut into it. I will save it for viewing for a couple of days.

It was truly a wonderful evening and I feel very fortunate to have such great family and friends.
I wish all who had a birthday in the month of June, a happy and blessed one.

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