Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alex's First blog from the Barada Family Network.

 On the 30th of this month,the Barada Family Network will close.
I will be sharing some of the great family blogs, comments and photos from there so we all can keep and enjoy. Here is Alexander, my son's first blog .

Is it a Blog if you don't blog often? I'm not much of a "type to tell person" but wish I was... If I where I would have a much better way to blow off steam. Not that I have a lot to blow off right now, though it would help when I did. Today I have just returned from AT (Annul Training) to an empty home.. Tomorrow is "Fathers Day" My second. Makes me think about my life and where it is going. So many things have changed since I was a brand new dad last year. Not a good or bad thing in some cases, but so many things are the same; sometimes that's bad and not so good at all. "Barada you need to learn to pick your battles" a drill segregant tolled me one day. Sadly, still I have not learned.

The next big thing on my TO DO list is Air Assault School. I am not too confident in myself rite now, but will do my best. I keep telling myself that I cannot come home without this task accomplished. Graduating this school. This is almost the last hara for me... well maybe it's not but I feel like I am running out of steam and fast.

All my live I have seen the ARMY as something I wanted to do. Now I am kicking myself for not doing it when I should Have (at 18). I would have been half way done with my military career. I would have had the body and energy to go to all the cool schools that I doubt I can complete now.

This is the badge hope to earn and where on my chest after I complete this class. In the last week I have been beating myself up by adding 12 extra pounds and running 3.2 mile every other day. I plan to climb a rope in record time, do sit-ups until my gut burns, do push ups until my arms ache. I can not considerate on much else. This is my focus everything else begins to fades in my peripheral vision. I am doing this to prove myself that I can be better than the person I see in the mirror every day. Do I have to prove this to anyone else? Do I really have to even prove this to myself? Easy answers are hard to come by. I have always said if a task is easy to complete than it's most likely not worth the effort.

I hope not to Disappoint anyone , but most of all I hope not to disappoint myself.

A Later Update by Alex:
Well here is an up date. I have been given a Frago (stands for fragmentation Order) The Army's excuse for being indecisive. It was planned for me to go to AIR ASSAULT SCHOOL in August but that got changed. I have to go to another school before that happens. So now I have shifted focus. I really do want to go to this new school, so I am not so mad about it. This school will change my job title. At this point I am a 91-C (utilities and equipment repair technician) this school will change me to a 91-D (generator mechanic) this move will hopefully help me get a promotion faster.(though I am not in a rush..

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