My Avon Walk 2012/Boston

IMG_6222 I just want to say that this was the best walk I have every participated in. I had the honor of being a crew member. I was a REST STOP 1 ANGEL avon walk 2012 220 I also had the pleasure of having my son come home from serving in Kuwait and walking  for me this year.
I know he had an enjoyable time. Everyone wanted to get a chance to thank him for his service in the military and taking his R&R time to walk for breast cancer avon walk 2012 159 I am so proud of him and want to thank the Avon Foundation for making this a life long experience for him. He will be in this crusade to fight breast cancer until the end. IMG_7008 My Son and I walk for Breast Cancer My son, Alexander Barada is a US Serviceman who is serving abroad and he needs our help, so please consider a small donation so he can walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. He has crewed for us for many years and this year he will be walking. Since he will just be getting home a short week or so before the walk, he needs our help. Remember he serves so we can be free!
I will not be able to walk this year., but I will be on Crew. Come see me at Rest Stop One.
Being a crew member is as important as walking. One needs the other. I will be there on May 19th-20th 2012, to cheer, watch over and comfort the walkers along their journey. You may help my son by going to his website to donate. Click here

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