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Where is Michi now?

Where is Ms. Michi now ? 2010  

Where is she now? 2008
Michele M. Walden brings chic to the term “knitwear.” Through her Michi knitwear designs, Walden creates sophisticated knits that are also easy to wear and easy to wash. With off-the-shoulder designs and hip-hugging evening attire, or loose and breezy, summer afternoon wear, Michi knitwear makes a unique statement for all women - tall, short, large, small and in between. Walden custom designs and fits the piece for her client, and does not call the outfit complete until the customer is satisfied. A Queens, NY native, Walden has been knitting about 22 years

The 5th Annual Designer's Competition Clothes Face-Off.

The battling competitors are all relatively new to the business of designing clothes, but each of them is already making garments that flash a signature. April 21,1985 Competition Display at The John Hancock Hall


 1st Place Winner!
Michele M. Clemons, a self-taught knitwear designer, was judged the best of seven competitors in a fashion show display at the John Hancock Hall, Sunday afternoon 

Michele’s model, Estelle, joins her back stage for celebration and photos.

Designs By Michi

                                                    A New Approach To Dressing!
  Michele Clemons 1985
She started in Boston, Michele Clemons, who specializes in knit wear, is enthusiastic about Boston as a city where one can establish oneself in a field more easily than her hometown, New York.
          Creating her designs by hand!                  
This is in my modeling days.
 I first started as a fit model for a young up and coming knit wear designer, Ms Michi      She was good.

I loved all the outfits she designed for me. They made me feel like a million bucks.

I felt like such a lady. They were so fine and elegant.
We made a good team. She would knit me a lovely outfit and I would exhibit them at parties and social events.

I could wear her close fitting knit wear well because of my dancers figure. We had no idea that she would go on to be a top knit wear designer of New York,

Michi currently utilizes the knitting machine to create feminine and sensual wearable art pieces. These include what is quick becoming her trademark: knitwear adorned with cowrie shells. Each of her pieces, whether completed by hand or on the machine, is either a one-of-a-kind or a limited-edition creation. She uses carefully selected yarns that vary from silks to mohair, wool to linen, and run the gamut of colors from bright orange to muted tans to fiery red.

Style Tips From Marilyn Sokol

Advanced Style.

 I found this new blog. It is about stylish women over 50 years of age. I found it quite inspirational.

Let your hair go gray, if you want to!

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