Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do You Remember Ellington Street?

Ellington was the best time in my life. It was my first dream home. I wish those days could have last forever.
It was a new start to a wonderful life. We moved in and created STUDIO E. I celebrated my 30th birthday. I felt so young and I was very happy!
Those were the days.

  Francisco and the boys working on rebuilding the frond porch of Ellington Street. This was a five year project of restoring this 6 family Dorchester home. We broght it from the city to save it from being demoed.
I enjoyed having a dance studio made on the first floor of one of the apartments.

Ovette and I, dancing in the Studio.
Such great memories!
Ovette, my dance partner.
  A photo shot of me modeling fashion by Ms. Michi in the Studio. Boy was I young there.

1st Designs by Ms. Michi


lady Estelle said...

This is a comment sent to me by my youngest son Emmanuel, responding to, Do You Remember Ellington?:

Dear Mom,

I do not remember our first house because I was too young, but i do remember moving out, one big U-haul and a tiny space, in the middle of filling it with what ever we had left I remember saying to myself "I don't know how far we were going but the space in the back atop a chair next to the stuffed elephant was where I felt at home. Little did i know that the day i felt the most comfortable was the first day of the rest of my moving/renting life.

I myself have lived in over 15 apt.s and who knows how many couches. And know I have found the inspiration to action, I am on the path of building my own home out of love and recycled material, some new eco-friendly technology, and plenty of room for whoever has been cursed with the "wandering spirit" like I have.

A place to call home has been in my imagination for a long time now, and with the help of the internet, the generous library, and old fashioned trash picking skills (for antiques) my new handmade, ecological, self-sufficient home is now in the early stages of construction. Thanks for the life you have given me, now i am to go make something out of it.

"Words of Emmanual Barada"

Ovette G. said...

This is amazing to see again! Wow the memories ❤️ I pretty much grew up here.. I mean Studio E. was a life changer for me and opened my eyes to another way of seeing things around me ... the love the noise the children the music 🎶 always on Fransisco always with the camera taking pictures... Beautiful times ❤️

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