Friday, April 16, 2010

Sister's Love!

My sister and I were separated when we were very young. I grow up in a institution for children and she was sent to foster care.Thought out our separation we fought not to loss each other. As we grow older it became even harder because life was taking us in separate directions.
She left foster care to start her independent journey into a life of powerful lessons and I a life of marriage and child bearing. We at one point lost each other for a very long time.  At this time I thought I would never see my little sister again. Then things turn and we were united again, much older and still fighting to keep the touch of love alive. So many things and people can in between our relations. Time apart did not help either. We never had time to nurture our love. Just being of the same blood line doesn't make you automatically love one another. We know that so we work on being friends first.
Though the years my sister and I became friends!
We stop letting life's events keep us mentally apart.I know our love for each other was growing strong. It help me with my sense of family value. I became whole. A sister's love is a powerful thing.

Now, once again something is stand in the way of our relationship. We find our selves in the middle of  a family crises that will prevent us from being together for a while. I am sure that our love will hold up until this whole thing is over. Our separation this time must make us more closer than before. We will get through this. "I love and miss her"!  

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