Monday, January 11, 2010

Being grandma!

Being Grandma is very rewarding. Watcing my childen raise their children let's me see that my hard work of raising them, paid off. They are great parents and I am proud of them. It's such a comfort to know that my life will go on thought them.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mother and daughter.

It is so rewarding when your daughter grows up and becomes your friends. It's very hard on the the youngest of six. Sometime you can get lost in the thick of things. But she hung in there. She helps keep the family together. I am so proud of her. She is a beautiful women and mother of three. Wow, I did a great job!

Old photos of me

At the early age of 18, I knew I wanted to model. I loved the long over due attention I so badly need.
Coming from a Home of Children, straight to college, I wanted to show the world my love for dressing up.
I didn't have many fancy clothes, but I could make an old dress look new.

This was a photo shot for Cameo Girls of Boston.

I found this old picture of me in my modeling days. I was 25 years old.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My son and I at the National Guard Military Ball

I am proud to say that I am a military Mom for 2 years now. It is a very proud, and at times scary feeling.
I have joined a support group for Military Mom's.
I have met some really strong and encouraging women. God bless them and their family.

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