Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lost Love

I have found my lost love. Many years have gone by and I had to learn to live and try to forget a past love. As time went by the longing for him got worst. But like everything in life you learn to adjust.

After 20 years, I have found my love.
This is Ovette Altamirano, He is my best friend and long lost love.
He is living far away in Demark, living a healthy life on a farm. Lucky for him.
I miss him dearly, but, I know he is well and at peace. I am just glad that we have found each other after so many years.
Memories of my youth with Ovette.
I found some wonderful photos of my adventure with my dear friend and dance partner. It was many years ago.  So it seems. But I remember it well. As I sat and looked at these photos I fell in love with dance all over again.

Ovette and I preformed a lovely dance this night in the Copley Plaza Hotel Ballroom.
He was only 19 years old and I was twenty somthing. We dance to a song called "Forever Young"!
That night I fell in love with Ovette. I do not know if it was because of the emotional words of the song or the passion I felt from the dance. It was spectacular!

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Ovette G. said...

I can read this over and over again ❤️
Always and forever ❤️

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