Friday, August 27, 2010

Pain, pain, go away!

Today, I was (sad to say) in a lot of pain. I hate when I am not 100%. I have been working hard ever since I came off vacation.
The last past 3 days had been a challenge just to stay on my feet. I worked 8-10 hours straight to make up for the work hours I lost.
This morning I was not able to raise without great pains in my back and legs. It was so bad that I wanted to check myself into the health clinic. I really hate hospitals, so I tried to talk myself out of the pain.
I have been suffering from a small case of stiff joints for many years now, so I have learned to deal with it.
I never had back pain before. I've always had the stiffness in my heels, hips and knees. Once I got up and walked around, it began to feel better.
I was told years ago that I had Tendinitis in the heel and Arthritis in the hips and knees. I felt, "I will live"!
But the last couple of days was different. The pain was so bad that it gave me a headache when I stood up. That is not a good sigh.
I laid in bed all morning.

About noon I decided I was not going to let this take control of me. I used my cane and hobbled to the pantry to brew tea. After tea. I dressed , (putting on my corset) that I have not worn in months. My pain in my back went away immediately. I was shocked. I sat up for most of the afternoon , not wanted the pain to come back.I have been experimenting wearing the corset for years now. If you know anything about them, you will know what great help it can be for good posture and back support.
  After wearing it for hours, I began to feel the pain pressure off my back. I did not go to the doctor's and I still do not know what case the pack and head pains, but I am feeling a little better. I will wait until tomorrow to see if the pain gets worse.

I will let you know of the out come. Good night!
Lady Estelle

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