Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Be grateful for what you can see.

On the morning of July 25. at the eye doctor, I was told I have advanced Glaucoma. I did not know how I felt at that time.. One minute it the knee, now it was the eyes. What's next???

So yesterday, I went in to have a second opinion at the ADVANCED EYE CARE. There I was told, I am almost blind in the right eye . The vision can not be restored. They are now trying to save what vision I have in the left eye to keep it. I can not afford to lose any more vision in this eye for I will not be able to see well. Meaning. I am going slowly blind. I was also told that I should not be driving. feeling emotional.

I have accepted the situation and moving on. I lean on my God for strength to endure and on my family and friends for support. I am feeling blessed. Thank you!

Next appointment in September will tell me if I need an operation or not. Just trying to be positive for now.

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